Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall turns me into a widow and kitty doula

It is that time again, hunting season strikes! I consider myself a widow this time of year, and the screechy elk call dh has designated as his ring tone (rolleyes) just reminds me all that much more of the pull of "being a man, growing a beard, not bathing, and hanging with my friends in the woods" is. Sounds like a singles ad, no?

I have something to look forward to, our dear sweet (not really, she's normally a cranky bitch when not pregnant) kitty Tinkerbelle had 5 kittens last night. I am EXHAUSTED today, cannot imagine how new mama kitty feels. The first was breech, and took her a super long time to move through. Dh and I ended up helping the process a bit, to which he was thanked by being scratched and bit, and I was purred at. At that moment I thought, "that's my girl." By kitten #5, she was so tired (8 hours from start to finish) I wiped the wee ones off to aid in the drying/warming process. Kittens should certainly make the kids' and my time this season go by quicker.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The house is a new color!

I love to paint, love love love it! Such an instant gratification kind of thing. Interior, however, not exterior. Thankfully, we know a first rate painter who offered to help us out. Our house is 6 years old, and the trim had faded something awful, to the point where it was flaking and you could see the white underneath.

See the green flaking around the upstairs window and coming off the corners? Don't look at the dead plants. Seriously, don't look.

Here is the after, we chose some pretty intense colors, and while I like it, it doesn't flow like I had hoped. There is a lot of red in the bricks, and I hoped it would pull it all together.

I have to give our painter, Joe, some major props. Not only does he own a painting company, but he also owns a home construction company and has offered to rebuild homes destroyed in a terrible fire recently at cost. We feel blessed to know him and his family.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Garden is growing, kinda

I think I discovered the problem. Last year, we'd give it an additional spritz from the sprinklers around 3pm when it got to hothothot time, and this year we haven't. I harvested a few things just yesterday, not nearly as much as last year. I think the big tree is also shadowing the garden more, so John and I will be extending the garden space at the end of the season and get it ready for next year. I want to throw some berries in as well, yum.

This is the super wee tomato pictured earlier, it's bigger, still no tomatoes however.

While I am disappointed I haven't had a higher yield, I have learned quite a few things. I can't wait for next years' growing season. Here's what I pulled out yesterday.

Check out Mr. Snail, all nestled on the leaf. I gave it to him, and set him free over the back fence.

The fact we have been getting lettuce all season long in the dry hot desert heat is insane. Neat, but insane.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A sock, it's a sock, a sock it is, it truely is!

My dd is adicted to Dr. Seuss lately, I swear I'm going batty.

The first sock of many I'm knitting for Christmas gifts (shhhhh!) Anyone who loves fiber arts, check me out at Ravelry.
Sockotta yarn color 6655, Yarn Harlot basic recipe, broken rib stitch (alternate K2, P2 with Knit all around for the 2 rows) The recipient's foot is smaller than mine, so this will fit perfect.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer update

Lots has been going on; I quit my part time job to stay home for the summer, gone on a few trips with the fam, been knitting and sewing some sweet baby items, garden is in the ground and SUCKING for growth (need to start fertilizing to see if that will help), started selling Scentsy (I'm a total scent hoar), and I'm loving my blessed life. Here's a few pics to showcase the last few months:
Dh and a friend fixing the poker shelter during a camping trip to Bruneau Sand Dunes (yes, that is a dog bone folks, and duct tape)

A rhody in my mom's yard, in Washington. I wish we could grow them like that here.

One of my pathetic midget tomatoes, when it went in the ground the end of May. It's bigger now, but not much.

South Falls at Silver Falls Park in Oregon. We did a small hike under and around.

Newport Bridge, Newport Oregon
I hope to keep my blog updated more often, now that I'm not "working" per sey. Can't believe we're at the tail end of our summer break, and that kids will be back in school soon.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spousal Gratitude

I know I'm a day off (should be on day 5), and I will make up for it soon. Yesterday was crazy with work, kids, school, dinner and the Globe Trotters. I was unable to sit for more than 5 minutes, much less type out a complete thought. The GT were fun, however, paraphernalia was spendy ($25 for a basketball?), so we settled on a $5 program, and $3 bottled water. It was a neat experience, one that we wouldn't have been able to have without the generosity of dh's brother.

Which brings me to today's entry - dh. I am amazed by him, constantly. He is supportive, loving, nurturing, and can MacGyver pretty much anything. We have been through a LOT, and have grown so much over the years. I consider him my friend and partner, not just my husband, and am proud to share my life with him. We are teammates, and work with each other to achieve our goals. We had a rough go from the beginning of our time together, and boy, it was really bumpy and rough. However, those times have enriched us in such a way, I would never have dreamed possible. I look forward to our future years. I'm sure it'll be an interesting ride. ;)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Grateful for my in-laws

I am thankful for dh's parents. When they are in town, mil will sit with the kids in a pinch (today being one of those 'crap! we both have to work, and the kids are off school!'), and buys them stuff to boot. :) While shopping yesterday, she came across winter coats on clearance, and picked up next years sizes for both kids. What a tremendous blessing! Mind you, she doesn't spoil them, thank goodness. She's not the type of grandma to buy anything and everything the kids desire, and we appreciate that.

It is a bummer we don't see both grandma and grandpa more often due to scheduling and the sheer amount of time they spend traveling, but, they are starting to stop by more often. I love watching the kids grow up with family nearby, I didn't have that as a kid. Grandpa came by the other night, ate pizza and ice cream, then headed home. We loved it!

Dh's brother gave us tickets today to the Globe Trotters tomorrow night! It's a double whammy of in-law gratitude today. He runs a local business and was given the tickets as a promo, and wanted to pass them along to us because he knew the kids would enjoy the show.

We are truely blessed to have such a giving family.